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Brooklyn Eng Co 17 T-Shirt

Brooklyn Eng Co 17 T-Shirt


Before the FDNY provided unified fire protection to all of New York, a band of loosely knit volunteer companies under the umbrella of the Brooklyn Fire Department protected Brooklyn.  Engine Co. 17 was one of the most well-known and prominent in the borough. Located on Lawrence St and Myrtle Ave (only a stone's throw away from FDNY HQ), Eng Co. 17 responded with a reputation for being very disciplined and courageous.  

In 1849 the 17 House bought a Philadelphia patterned 'piano box' style double-deckered engine which quickly earned the name 'haywagon' because of its long and flat appearance.  The men who climbed up and down it so quickly and gracefully were said to look like grasshoppers.  Even after they purchased a newer engine, 'The Hoppers' kept their name for the rest of the company's existence.  At its high point, Engine Co. 17 boasted 75 members and their house was regarded as one of the most beautiful in the country.


  • Brooklyn Eng Co. 17 is printed on a 50/50 American made tee

  • Athletic fit. Order one size up if in between sizes

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