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Fire Safety Tours


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The Museum, in conjunction with the New York City Fire Department, operates a world-class fire safety education tour designed to teach participants how to prevent fires within the home and how to protect themselves and escape should a fire occur.

Learning Experience

The tour consists of two components – classroom training and a simulated fire event in a mock home environment (see gallery below). During the first portion, students are shown an age appropriate video regarding fire safety and burn prevention. Immediately following the video, a New York City firefighter leads a discussion to reinforce safety information presented in the video. During the second half of the program, the firefighter leads the students through various rooms in a mock apartment.



In each room (living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom), various fire and burn hazards are black-lit and the firefighter spends time explaining how each can cause a fire and what can be done to prevent it. When the group reaches the bedroom, the firefighter closes the door to continue his/her discussion. Simultaneously, the firefighter’s assistant fills the rest of the apartment with theatrical smoke. A smoke alarm sounds and the firefighter teaches the children how to escape, and then helps them practice.


When the fire safety portion of the tour is complete, the children are given a historical tour of the Museum’s first floor, “The Evolution of Firefighting,” by a retired New York City firefighter.

The entire tour takes approximately 1 hour. The Museum provides organized tours Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 10:30AM, 11:30AM and 12:30PM for groups consisting of a minimum of 15 individuals and a maximum of 50 individuals, including both children and adults, per time slot. The cost is $4 per child and $8 per adult. Advance reservations are needed.

Please be advised that the Museum does not have lunchroom facilities.

To arrange a tour for your group or class, please  click the button below.

If you aren’t part of a group, the Fire Safety Learning Center is open to all Museum visitors who can make use of the four interactive devices to learn life-saving lessons about fire prevention, home fire safety devices, fire risks in the home, and how to escape a fire. You can create our own escape plan and capture an image of it to keep for yourself.

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