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Past Exhibitions


Over the years, the NYC Fire Museum has displayed, and continues to exhibit, artifacts and photographs as part of themed exhibitions. These exhibitions are generally available for only a limited period of time. Here are some of the temporary exhibitions, proudly presented by the NYC Fire Museum.

Milliners Guild

Dust to DNA

Remembering Their Prayers

Unmasking Our Heroes


Brave Colors

One Day in September


Strike Up the Band

Strike Up the Band -Past Exhibit (Square).jpg

Our vast collection offers a unique historical view of early New York. It relays the challenges faced by our ancestors – their ingenuity and skill – preventing and controlling fires in a setting and conditions difficult to imagine today.


Also on display are tools and clothing used by modern firefighters. The transition from turnout coats to all-encompassing bunker gear is shown on a series of mannequins. Tools, such as the Halligan forcible entry tool and the Jaws of Life, show visitors what it is like to be a firefighter.

Be sure to access our online catalog with over 8,000 images, searchable by any option.

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