Past Exhibitions

Over the years, the NYC Fire Museum has displayed, and continues to exhibit, artifacts and photographs as part of themed exhibitions. These exhibitions are generally available for only a limited period of time. Here are some of the temporary exhibitions, proudly presented by the NYC Fire Museum.

Milliners Guild

Remembering Their Prayers

Brave Colors

Our vast collection offers a unique historical view of early New York. It relays the challenges faced by our ancestors – their ingenuity and skill – preventing and controlling fires in a setting and conditions difficult to imagine today.


Also on display are tools and clothing used by modern firefighters. The transition from turnout coats to all-encompassing bunker gear is shown on a series of mannequins. Tools, such as the Halligan forcible entry tool and the Jaws of Life, show visitors what it is like to be a firefighter.

Be sure to access our online catalog with over 8,000 images, searchable by any option.










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