FDNY - An Operational Reference

The FDNY Operational Reference, 9th edition covers engine, ladder, and rescue/squad operations; includes chief officer operations, training, and statistics; explains foam, hazmat, marine, collapse, pipeline, and airport operations; provides details of dispatch operations, alarm assignment, and radio procedures.

It also lists apparatus assignment for each company and unit; includes an overview of EMS operations and shows ambulance deployment, and much, much more!

Highlights of this new edition:
- Updated Counterterrorism and Risk Management strategy
- Newly developed High-Rise Multiple Dwelling tactics and equipment
- Replacement of entire first-line Marine fleet and additional boats on order
- Electronic accountability and roll call system
- New pumpers, ladders, rescues, ambulances, chiefs' vehicles
- Newly acquired Auxiliary Water System capability
- Updated radio frequencies for Fire and EMS
- Expanded EMS operations
- Table of Contents and Index

  This long-awaited edition includes numerous photos, including:
- New large, medium, small fireboats and ambulance boats
- Fire stations opened since 2001
- Fire window blanket and curtain, and high-rise nozzle
- Current first line apparatus types

8 1/2" x 11"
275 pages spiral bound