Bronx is Burning T-Shirt

Bronx is Burning T-Shirt


It was game two of the 1977 World Series, a chilly, blustery October night in the South Bronx. The Yanks were already down 2-0 in the bottom of the first inning when ABC’s aerial camera panned a few blocks over from Yankee Stadium to give the world its first live glimpse of a real Bronx Cookout. "There it is, ladies and gentlemen," Howard Cosell intoned. "The Bronx is burning."


Whether or not this urban legend is true, that phrase came to signify the tumultuous 70's in New York.  The city was going through a transition that was unheralded in its history.  Political nightmares, near bankruptcy, rampant crime, Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson, and George Steinbrenner battling constantly and of course the fires.  Members of FDNY call that period in its history, 'The War Years.'  In the 70's, it is estimated that 90% of the borough of the Bronx was either abandoned or burned down, while the fire department suffered the closing or moving of nearly 50 units.


For the Bronx is Burning tee, Hook and Irons called on Ryan Brown from The Pursuit of NY and asked him if he would like to collaborate on a New York related fire shirt.  The first in the series is 'The Bronx is Burning', which is printed with water-based ink on a heather black American Apparel shirt.  The shirt is 50/50, super soft, and runs true to size.  Expect minimal to no shrinkage. 


  • Designed in NYC
  • Manufactured, printed and sold in the USA
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